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Econorisk Assist - Tap into the App

The exciting and innovative Econorisk Assist mobile app will enhance policy holders' experience with their insurance company, broker, underwriting manager or administrator. There are several exciting functions, packaged into a very smart little app to ensure client service excellence!

Lodge a claim quickly and easily. Pop-up screens guide you step by step through all the info you need for: incident, driver, vehicle, eye witness, police report, 3rd party and towing details.

One touch and our emergency response team will call you back, assess the problem and dispatch assistance.

Act swiftly and use smart technology to manage your policy. lodge a claim, specify new items, or record a photo.

No need to look up numbers. One touch to ‘Contact Us’ takes you straight through to an advisor who will assist you at any time 24/7.

No upfront paperwork for roadside or home claims.

Econorisk Assist = Instant notification